8(a) Sole-Source Contract Process

AveningTech is a participant in the SBA 8(a) program. Federal law allows agencies to award sole source contracts to the SBA on behalf of an eligible 8(a) firm of their choice. No competition is necessary. Service contracts can be awarded up to $4,500,000.

Advantages to 8(a) Directed Sole-Source Awards:

  • Streamlined acquisition process
  • Selection of contractor of choice
  • Support agency’s achievement of 8(a) contracting goals
  • Expedited process – can be completed in two weeks

How to Award a Direct 8(a) Sole Source Contract to AveningTech:

  • The Government PM develops a Statement of Work and identifies and secures funding
  • The Government PM selects AveningTech to perform the work and coordinates with Agency Contracting Officer
  • The Contracting Officer prepares an Offer Letter for submission to the SBA Baltimore district office. 
  • The SBA Baltimore district office must respond within 5 days, confirming AveningTech’s eligibility for 8(a) award and authorizing the Agency to conduct negotiations.
  • The Contracting Officer sends AveningTech the SOW and Request for Proposal.
  • AveningTech submits technical and cost proposals to the Contracting Officer for evaluation.
  • The Contracting Officer conducts negotiations with AveningTech.
  • Upon completion of negotiations, the Contracting Officer prepares a contract award document and transmits it to AveningTech for signature.
  • Upon receipt of the fully executed contract, the period of performance can begin based on the date stated in the contract.